What is this?

This is a crude demo of the upcoming dual visualization system boe will leverage. Rooms are defined in detail, including a list of interactive items within the room. The room is then rendered as a text description, and as a visual representation. LLMs are used to map user inputs to allowed functions defined per item (this demo is less restrictive than the final implementation will be). As items are updated they change the state of the room and them selves. LLMs or scripting is then used to render in mud style the contents of the room, allowing users to look up, look around, inspect items in depth. As items in final version will support look functions user will be able to pick up and inspect, rotate, etc. the items and receive back textual descriptions per angel. Turning an item upside down will impact it's internal state, etc. Possibly break the contents. NPCs/Mobs interact in the same manner as items, entering and leaving rooms, and allowing chat/interaction/battle.

Room Generated

Dungeon Room

As you enter the room, you find yourself surrounded by walls of varying textures. To the north, rugged, uneven stone forms the wall, dominated by a large arched fireplace with a roaring fire. Intricate carvings are etched above the fireplace, suggesting a history rich in art and culture. Turning to the east, you observe refined stonework adorned with carvings, a barred window featuring vine and leaf motifs catches your eye. A wall-mounted candle holder casts a flickering light across the room, accentuating the stonework’s details. The west wall presents a stark contrast with its solid stone construction. An empty tapestry rack stands against it, the faded wall behind it hinting at the long-gone splendor of what once hung there. To the south, the wall is smooth, etched with subtle designs that are hard to discern from a distance. It offers a calming simplicity compared to the other walls. Above, the vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams adds to the room’s grandeur. The darkened stone indicates the room’s age and frequent use. The floor is made of uneven flagstones, worn smooth in places. A large, ornate rug, faded from years of use, lies centered in the room, inviting exploration.

Scattered throughout the room are various items:

  • A sturdy wooden chair with red cushioning sits near the fireplace, offering comfort and warmth. You can choose to sit or move the chair.
  • An ancient magical tome rests on a small wooden crate near the tapestry rack. Its closed cover piques your curiosity. You can look at, pick up, or attempt to read the tome.
  • A large wooden chest, bound with iron and locked, sits imposingly in the room’s center. You may try to open, pick, or bash it open to discover its contents.
  • The crate beneath the tome is sturdy and plain, possibly holding more than meets the eye. You can open, move, or examine it.
  • The rug under your feet, though aged, might conceal something. You can move, examine, or lift it to uncover any secrets.
  • A small, sealed, unmarked wooden barrel beside the chest also draws attention. Open, move, or examine it to learn more.
  • Near the east wall, a small table with writing implements waits. Beside it, the wall candle holder can be lit, extinguished, or examined for closer inspection.

Raw YAML Input

      material: "Rugged, uneven stone"
        - Large arched fireplace with a roaring fire
        - Intricate carvings above the fireplace
      material: "Refined stonework with carvings"
        - Barred window with intricate vine and leaf carvings
        - A wall-mounted candle holder providing light
      material: "Solid stone"
        - An empty tapestry rack with a faded wall behind it
      material: "Smooth stone with etchings"
        - Smooth wall surface with no distinct features visible
      material: "Vaulted, with exposed wooden beams and stone"
        - Exposed wooden beams
        - Darkened stone suggesting an old, well-used room
      material: "Uneven flagstones"
        - Worn smooth in places
        - A rug centered in the room
    - item: "Chair"
      description: "A sturdy wooden chair with red cushioning."
      location: "Near the fireplace."
        - "Sit"
        - "Move"
    - item: "Magic Tome"
      description: "An ancient, closed magical tome."
      location: "Resting on a small wooden crate, near the tapestry rack."
        - "Look at"
        - "Pick up"
        - "Read"
    - item: "Bashed Chest"
      description: "A large wooden chest, its lock broken and lid open."
      location: "In the center of the room on a rug."
        - "Examine contents"
        - "Close"
    - item: "Crate"
      description: "A small wooden crate, sturdy and plain."
      location: "Underneath the magical tome, near the south wall."
        - "Open"
        - "Move"
        - "Examine"
    - item: "Rug"
      description: "A large ornate rug, its pattern faded with age."
      location: "Laying flat in the center of the room."
        - "Move"
        - "Examine"
        - "Lift"
    - item: "Barrel"
      description: "A small wooden barrel, sealed and unmarked."
      location: "Beside the wooden chest."
        - "Open"
        - "Move"
        - "Examine"
    - item: "Table"
      description: "A small wooden table with various writing implements."
      location: "Near the east wall, beside the window."
        - "Move"
        - "Use"
    - item: "Wall Candle Holder"
      description: "An iron candle holder affixed to the east wall."
      location: "Mounted on the wall beside the window."
        - "Light"
        - "Extinguish"
        - "Examine"

Room Image